What is this template?

This page is the home page for this web site. When you created your web site, you choose from a set of "templates" web site as the default content. As a result, the content got copied into your site so that you don't have to start with an empty site, which can be confusing for new site owners.

From here, you can first explore the folders and pages created for you. This should give you a good idea of what you can do with EasierWeb's features.

To start, login to the site with the user name and password you set up when you create this site. Then click on the "Edit-on" link to turn of the "tool bar", if it is not already on. (If it is already on, the link in the same place of the system admin menu would have been "Edit-off", which allows you to turn the edit tool-bar off.)

If you don't like this template and would like to switch to anther one, just go to the tool-bar and click on "Settings". From there, jump to "Admin Tools" block. Under "Erase Site", click on "erase" link, then select a template site to use and click on the button. WARNING, you are going to lose all of the content you enter, if any. If you are just starting and experiencing, you may not have entered much. Just keep in mind that the content of the site is erased before the new template gets copied over.

Have fun! Remember, Support is available at the support page from easierweb.com.


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